August 23-25

Please join us as we work through the wonderful concepts contained in the book of Romans. This conference is FREE, and we are also offering child care for children ages 3 and under for FREE.

The Saturday lunch at Pizza Ranch will be each person’s responsibility. The dinner Saturday night at the church will be FREE.

We look forward to meeting you!


FRIDAY 08.23.2019

6:00pm- Welcome and Introduction – Jeremy & Grant

6:10pm- Worship – Emily Secor

6:20pm- Romans 3 - Jeremy Vance

7:00pm- Q & A

7:10pm- Break, Snacks & Books will be available

7:20pm- Romans 4 - Jeremy Vance

8:00pm- Q & A

8:10pm- Prayer Time

8:30pm- Fellowship and Dismiss 

SATURDAY 08.24.2019

10:00am- Welcome and Devotional Prayer – Grant Hawley

10:10am- Worship – Emily Secor

10:30am- Romans 5:1-5 – Bill Lee

11:10am- Q & A

11:20am- Romans 5:6-11 – Grant Hawley

12:00pm- Q & A

12:10pm- Leave for lunch

12:30pm- Lunch @ Pizza Ranch

2:00pm- Worship – Emily Secor

2:10pm- Romans 5:12-21 – Jeremy Edmondson

2:50pm- Q & A

3:00pm- Break

3:10pm- Romans 6:1-14 – Dave Field

3:50pm- Q & A

4:00pm- Romans 8 – Grant Hawley

4:40pm- Q & A

4:50pm- Break

5:00pm- The Righteousness of God in Romans  - Grant Hawley

5:40pm- Q & A

5:50- Corporate Prayer Time & Worship - Emily Secor

6:20pm- Dinner @ the Church

7:30pm- Romans 14:1-15:7- Grant Hawley

8:10pm- Q & A

8:20pm- Dismiss

SUNDAY 08.25.2019

9:00am- Worship Gathering – Romans 13 – Dave Field

11:00am- Fall Kick-off Potluck Meal (FREE)