Loving People to LIFE in Christ Part 2

Revelation 20:11-15
People will spend an eternity in the Lake of Fire for only one reason. 
It is not because of their sins, but because they do not have ________!

Understanding "LIFE"

John 1:1-9. LIFE is eternal and it is found in Jesus Christ. We are told that this LIFE is Light that "enlightens every man" (1:9; See also 14:6)

The 1st Aspect of LIFE: from unbeliever to believer in Christ.

Eternal LIFE - This is a gift given at the moment of faith.

John 3:14-16

John 3:36

John 6:28-29

John 4:14

John 5:39-40

John 6:47

John 10:27-28

1 John 1:1-2; 5:10-12

John 5:24

Eternal Life is the forever LIFE. Believing in Christ is the ONLY condition for receiving eternal LIFE.
It is a free gift, provided at the great expense of Christ on the cross, but made freely available to all who believe. Eternal LIFE secures the believer for all eternity. It is LIFE that can never be lost! This is because it is contingent on the finished, perfect work of Christ on the cross, and not on our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime performance.