Are You Seeking God?

The Bible is unparalleled in its contents, ability, and sufficiency.
2 Timothy 3:16-17.
            -Contents, because it is Truth, inspired by God Himself.
            -Ability, being useful & advantageous to us in:
                        +Teaching: Doctrine, What we need to know.
                        +Reproof: Conviction, How we are wrong.
                        +Correction: Alignment, Setting us straight.
                        +Training: Instruction, Forward in a new direction.
            -Sufficient, God’s Word makes us “adequate”- “thoroughly furnished, qualified to perform a function, well-fitted, complete, capable, able to meet all demands.” This is living life rightly!!!

The Bible must be received if it is to effect change in our lives
How do we get the Word of God within us?

Deuteronomy 6:4-9. All of life is to be conducted by God’s Word. It must get into the heart so that religious legalism is avoided.

James 1:21-22. We must… 1. set aside evil fleshly things (1:21a) and 2. humbly accept what He has already instilled in us (1:21b).
By so doing, we are able to rescue our lives (souls) from worthless living (1:21c; see also 1:19-20).
-We are cautioned to be “doers” and not just “hearers.” To hear the Word apart from doing the Word is to self-deceive.

Ephesians 5:17-21 & Colossians 3:16-17. To be filled with the Spirit is to be filled with the Word. The result is godly living, with spiritual motives, thankfulness, and joy! The attitude changes!

Psalm 119:10-11. We benefit from the Word of God in not sinning against God when we “store it up” in our hearts.
Q: Are we seeking God in His Word with all of our heart?
We can start today!