12: Foundational Frameworks Part 12 (August 27, 2017)


Foundational Truths: The Bible is God’s self-revelation.
God is the Eternal, Sovereign Creator; all that He creates is good.
Man is a responsible agent, held to a moral standard.
Sin originates within a person, separating us from God.

Names in Scripture are significant. “Jesus” means “YHWH is salvation,” and “Barnabas” means “son of encouragement” (Acts 4:36). But what if God wanted to use the names of the generations of men to reinforce His promise to save?

Genesis 5:1-32. Each of the names used are significant.
Adam means _____________.
Seth means ________________________________________.
Enosh means _______________________________________.
Kenan means _______________________________________.
Mahalalel means ____________________________________.
Jared means ________________________________________.
Enoch means _______________________________________.
Methuselah means __________________________________.
Lamech means ______________________________________.
Noah means ________________________________________.

Putting these names together, we get a message. This is not a “Bible code,” nor is it straying from the literal meaning of the text, nor does it violate the single-sense of Scripture. This pattern is no different from the Psalms that have been written with every line beginning with a sequential letter from the Hebrew alphabet (Psa 9, 10, 34, 37, 111, 112, 119, & 145).
This chapter shows us the results of death, the longing for deliverance, and the promise of God remaining steadfast despite the amount of time that had transpired.