Pastor Emeritus Steve Corbett


Dr. Steven Corbett faithfully served Grace Bible Church as senior pastor from 1977 through 2015. He retired from the church on June 12, 2016, and we continue to honor him as pastor emeritus. 

 Fishing with Grace and Truth



I trusted Christ as my Savior May 13, 1968 in my dorm room at the University of Illinois. Don Clark, a Navigator, presented the gospel to me, I believed, and Don began to disciple me. I was baptized by immersion in the Twin Cities Bible Church in Urbana, Illinois.

In July of 1972 my ship deployed to the Mediterranean Sea for a six month cruise. While in the "Med" I was reading J. Dwight Pentecost's Things to Come. I was not that familiar with Dallas Seminary but my interest in prophecy spurred me on. As I saw how this dear man handled the Word of God my heart was again drawn toward more in-depth training and a pastoral ministry.


So as soon as I got home to Rockford, I applied at Dallas Seminary. I did not apply anywhere else. I knew that the school had a reputation for a strenuous education in the Biblical languages, that's what I wanted, so that's where I applied. Thank God I was accepted! My training might be summarized thus: 

University of Illinois : 1966-1970 B. S. Marketing
The Navigators : 2 years in the college ministry
U.S. Navy : Aug. '70 - Nov. '72
The Navigators : 2 1/2 years in the military ministry
Dallas Theological Seminary : 1973-1977 Th.M. degree

  • Major - Greek

  • Minor - Hebrew

  • 1980-1986 D.Min. degree


God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Rita. We have three adult children, Eric, Cari, and Kati.