01: Foundational Frameworks Part 1 (June 4, 2017)


Recent Survey of “Born-Again Christians”:
_______ believe that God is the Creator & Ruler of the Universe.
_______ believe that Jesus lived a sinless life.
_______ believe it is possible to earn their way into Heaven.
_______ reject the notion that they have a personal responsibility to share the Gospel.

Q: What does this tell us about the Church?

  • The Bible is __________________. It is made up of many books with one congruent message and theme throughout!

God has a message for all of creation: ISAIAH 45:22

  • God is a __________________. He desires to be known. The Bible is His self-revelation.

In reading the Bible we learn:
     WHO God is, WHAT He is like, HOW He interacts, WHAT He expects, WHAT He has done, WHAT He thinks.

  • ___________ Studies cannot be properly understood if they are isolated from the _________________.

The walls of a house are only as good as the foundation.

  • The Bible must be understood ____________________.

This approach brings balance.
The Bible is a _________________ Revelation.
This is God’s design for understanding in history.

The sheer make-up of the Bible is incredible when considered!
       ______ Books
       ______ Different Human Authors
       ______ Years in Scope
       ______ Different Continents
       ______ Different Languages
       ______ Consistent Theme, with no errors or contradictions
         Q: What can be deduced from such astonishing facts?

___________ Revelation- “Observed Surroundings & Conscience”

___________ Revelation- “God’s Written Word”

  • The Bible is “God-breathed.” This is also known as _____________.
    2 TIMOTHY 3:16

  • The Bible is divine truth. “Truth” must be two things to be true.

1. ____________- Understandable when compared to our existence. It is logically comprehensible.

2. ____________- Agreeable in its various parts without any contradictions. Harmonious.

If the Bible is TRUE, it must necessarily be __________________

Through His Word, God speaks to us, telling us about the true nature of Himself and how He perceives mankind. Because we hold the TRUTH in our hands, that alone makes it worth our time and effort in studying it every day.