02: Foundational Frameworks Part 2 (June 11, 2017)


Foundational Truth: The Bible is God’s self-revelation.

PROVERBS 1:7. The non-negotiable starting point of right thinking.

“When one considers that basic to right action is right thinking and that basic to right thinking is right thinking about what God is like, it begins to become transparently clear that our generation, or any other, will never begin to solve its problems until it corrects its ideas about God.” -Earl Radmacher, 1978.

What we think about God becomes our ultimate foundation.

The greatest question that anyone will ever ask is “Who is God?” As His special revelation to us all, God speaks through His Word.


GENESIS 1:1. “Elohim”- occurs 2,750+ times for the Creator. A plural name with a singular meaning, as seen in the use of singular verbs surrounding it. This can also be a generic term for angels, demons, or pagan deities. CONTEXT DETERMINES MEANING.

  • Within Elohim, there is plurality in Persons but unity in Essence, or Divine Nature. Divine is WHAT God is. The Persons deal with WHO. In Essence/Nature, there is unity. In Persons, there are differing roles. We call this the Trinity.

An attribute is “a property which is intrinsic to its subject.”

Omnipotent- “All-powerful.” Fully-able in all righteousness.
Eternal- “Has Always Existed.” He is the uncaused Cause.
Aseity- “Self-Sufficient.” He needs nothing. Not dependent. 

God’s act of creation is a historical event recorded for our benefit.


PSALM 119:89-91. God is sovereign.
There are 2 views of what “sovereignty” means regarding God.

  1. Many hold that God meticulously controls every thought and action of His creation and that nothing occurs outside of His “hidden will.” This would include every sin committed by man.
  2. Others hold that God is the ruler of all things and that all glory is due Him, but created beings are free to accept or reject His will for their lives and are thus responsible and accountable before God for their rejection of Him. 

When faced with differing views, Scripture must give us our theology. We must never impose our theology on Scripture.

The character, attributes, and sovereignty of God are vehemently opposed to man.

JEREMIAH 9:23-24. Man is ALWAYS looking for a God-substitute. “Boasting” is the exposure of the heart!
God provides a divine directive- We must understand who God is, and who God is finds consistency in what He takes pleasure in.

The greatest enemy of affirming a sovereign God who is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe is ______________________!

Homework: Ask three people outside of Grace Bible Church
“To you, who is God?”