06: Foundational Frameworks Part 6 (July 9, 2017)


Foundational Truths: The Bible is God’s self-revelation.
God is the Eternal, Sovereign Creator; all that He creates is good.

Genesis 2:1-17

Genesis 2:1-3. God rests from His work. God is pictured as a laborer. The 7th day is “set aside” from common use.

Genesis 2:4-7. “Toledoth” structure introduced. God’s proper name is used- YHWH. Found 6,823 times in the OT. His name could mean: “I AM,” or “I cause to be.” Jews avoided using YHWH, opting for Elohim or Adonai (Lev 24:16).

Genesis 2:8-14. YHWH creates a perfect environment to establish responsibility for His special creations. Two trees are mentioned. 

Q: What is a “divine institution?”
A God-ordained system that was mandated before the Fall.

Divine Institution #2- LABOR- Responsibility Mandated

Genesis 2:15. Adam is to “cultivate” (“tend, serve”) and “keep” (“watch, preserve, protect”) the garden. Food is in abundance. Only 1 prohibition is given (v. 17).

Genesis 2:16-17. God shown to be a loving Father in 3 ways.
1. He encourages freedom (“any tree of the garden…eat freely”).
2. He sets boundaries (“you shall not eat…”).
3. He spells out the consequences for violating the boundaries (“you will surely die”).
This is a good model for parents of every generation.

Responsibility has been placed into the hands of man. He has been commissioned with a task, supplied with everything that he needs to be successful, and given one requirement in avoiding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

DEATH is the consequence for disobeying God’s command(s). DEATH always means “separation,” never cessation. There are three types of DEATH that would take place if Adam disobeyed:

1). Spiritual- Man’s spirit would be separated from God.
2). Physical- Man’s spirit would be separated from his body.
3). Eternal- Man’s spirit, soul, & body would be separated from God forever.

What is a Dispensation? -A “a period of time during which man is tested in respect of obedience to some specific revelation of the will of God.” -Scofield Reference Bible
-A dispensation reveals the way that God desires to run the economy of history during that particular period.
-A dispensation always involves God’s relationship to man.

Within a Dispensation, a pattern can be found…
1. Responsibility- Man is accountable to uphold or fulfill something
2. Failure- Man fails at upholding his responsibility
3. Judgment- God holds man responsible for his failure
4. Grace- God lavishes favor upon man despite his failure

Adam and Eve are sinless. God fellowships with them perfectly. Having “dominion” (Gen 1:26, 28) is God’s mission for man on Earth. This may be because Satan has rebelled and God is using “lesser creatures,” inviting them to be his viceroys on the Earth.

Fulfillment of this brings God glory and His glory is the chief pinnacle of all history and eternity!
The responsibility before man is abstaining from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.