07: Foundational Frameworks Part 7 (July 16, 2017)


Foundational Truths: The Bible is God’s self-revelation.
God is the Eternal, Sovereign Creator; all that He creates is good.
Man is a responsible agent, held to a moral standard.

Genesis 2:18-20. God makes a moral declaration concerning Adam’s relational condition. In the Hebrew, “not good” is placed at the beginning of the sentence for emphasis. 

Adam is given the opportunity to exercise his right of dominion in naming the animals. God named the Day, Night (Gen 1:5), Heavens (Gen 1:8), Earth (Gen 1:10), and Man (Gen 5:2). 

Despite his furry companions, there is not a helper found among the existing creation that is considered “fit” (“suitable, that which corresponds to”) him.

Genesis 2:21-22. Woman is a part of man. (This does not mean that every man now has one less rib!) The use of the term “helper” throughout the remainder of the Old Testament is largely in reference to the Lord God (1 Chron 12:18; Psa 118:7; Hos 13:9).

Q: What is a “divine institution?”
A God-ordained system that was mandated before the Fall.

Divine Institution #3- MARRIAGE- Intimacy is Mandated

Genesis 2:23-25. Woman is God’s solution to man’s lonliness.

The Law of First Mentions- The first time a concept or word is mentioned in Scripture serves as the basis for how that concept or word should be understood.

In this situation it is clear that:
1) Marriage is between those of the opposite sex (v.23)
2) Marriage is one-to-one in its inception (v.24-25)
3) Marriage is apart from the father and mother (v.24)
4) Marriage is a “cleaving” (“joining”) of the man to the woman (v.24)
5) Marriage is signified, not by a ceremony or official document, but by consummation.
6) In marriage, nudity is acceptable and to be enjoyed (“not ashamed”- v.25)
7) It is the model of one man and one woman that Jesus affirms (Matthew 19:4-6)

One of the greatest tragedies of the past 1500 years is that the Church has been silent on the subjects of sexual intercourse and sexuality.
The result has been rampant fornication, teenage pregnancy, a rise in STD’s, abusive priests, pregnant nuns, paralyzed wives, guilt-ridden husbands, homosexuality, pornography, and many other distortions and perversions of what God has made as “good.”

“Jesus declared us ‘salt of the earth’; we can’t remove society’s only preservative without expecting the meat to rot.”

If the Church is not around to tell God’s perspective on sex, how will anyone ever understand the beauty and truth about it?

Paul addresses this situation in 1 Corinthians 7:1-9.